Where to Look for Last Minute Vacation Deals

If you are looking for great last minute vacation deals, there really is no need to leave the home, as long as you have a computer and Internet access. Simply typing “last minute vacation deals” into your search engine should bring about 32 Million returns, give or take a few hundred thousand. Even though many of the returns are from the same sites, you can bring that number down considerably by inserting personal preferences, like all-inclusive resorts, eco-tourism or singles cruises. Luxury Resort Guide offers fantastic last minute deals on all inclusive resorts.

When shopping on-line for last minute vacation deals, the constant traveler must check the websites that offer coverage with approved overwriters. One thing that you want to avoid is to buy a great vacation deal just to find out that you bought it from a bankrupt travel agency, or one that really didn’t exist. The travel industry is overrun with fraud and unscrupulous agents, so checking with the Federal Trade Commission to see if the agent or carrier you are dealing with is having troubles, or is known for bad deals, should be done prior to accepting a deal from an agent or carrier that you have not dealt with before.

Sometimes the airlines offer great last minute vacation deals themselves, so checking the different airline’s websites that fly out of your local and nearby airports would be a prudent idea. American Airlines, Air Canada, Jet Blue, Continental Airlines and West Jet offer many great last minute vacation deal packages, many of which are available only on their websites.

There are other international and regional carriers that offer last minute vacation deals, so make sure that all carriers that service your local airports are checked for deals, as well as the travel agencies. Knowing the ins and outs of how to find last minute vacation deals will enable you to travel to the climate that you prefer at a minimum, if not the exact location. Of course, the more time that you have in advance of your vacation time, the better your chances of landing an extremely inexpensive vacation. Also, check with airports that are within a couple to a few hour’s drive from your home, as sometimes a little extra driving could get you a much better deal than the ones available at your specific airport.