Romania Weather

Romania lies in the temperate zone and is an all-year tourist destination. Summers are relatively warm and winters quite cold. The climate in Romania varies considerably from one part of the country to another. For instance, the average annual temperature is 11 ºC in the south, but 7 ºC in the north and as low as 2 ºC in the mountains. Find out the current temperature in Romania with our six-day Romania weather forecast below.

In recent times, climatic patterns in Romania have changed. Bucharest and the coastal area near the Black Sea have experienced summer temperatures above 40 ºC; on the other hand, the Brasov area and places around Miercurea Ciuc (Transylvania) have experienced below freezing temperatures of –35 ºC.

Generally speaking, the northern Carpathians are cooler than Moldova, Valahia and Dobrogea in the lower regions of the country. From December to April, the mountains remain snowbound. The plains and coastal areas have warm summers with intermittent rainfall. From December through February, most parts of Romania experience snowfall.

The warm months (June to August) are the ideal time of year to enjoy Romania’s beaches and mountains. The weather in Romania at this time is superb and all tourist attractions are open. However, it’s also more crowded. The period from mid-April to mid-May and October are perfect for bird watching in the Danube Delta. Spring is enchanting after the harsh winter, and the Romanian countryside comes alive with birdsong, wildflowers and gurgling streams. Also from the end of November until the beginning of March, the ski resorts are crowded with tourists that enjoy the ski slopes and all the winter sports amenities.