Transportation in Transylvania

Transylvania is easy to get to due to its closeness to Central Europe, with railways connecting both large and small cities. For long journeys, it is better to take the Inter-City trains which are very comfortable. You can travel through Transylvania using the auto-routes, European roads, which connect the big cities of Romania, modern national roads (DN) or the regional roads. The regional roads are not suitable for heavy traffic. Buses and microbuses (which follow a timetable) are available in both urban and rural areas.

Getting around Transylvania is easy by bus, tram, trolley-bus or taxi. Travel agencies and “rent a car” services are also on hand.
Our Transylvania Transportation Guide provides you with all the Transylvania travel information you will need to easily get to, from and around Transylvania. One of the easiest ways to get around Transylvania, whilst also taking in the many things to see and do, is by joining a Transylvania tour. View our Romania Country Guide if you want to know more about travelling to Romania.

Transylvania Transportation Guide

Getting to Transylvania

By car

Take the E60 (European Highway) from Budapest over the Oradea border towards Cluj Napoca. Transylvania is located 120 km from the border or 40 km before Cluj Napoca. It will take two and a half hours by road to get here. It is 335 km from Budapest and the driving time is 6-7 hours. Romania is an hour ahead of Hungary or -2 hours GMT.

By plane

Romania is well linked to over 50 large airports in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. The main airport is the ‘Henry Coanda ‘International Airport in Bucharest. Low cost airlines like Wizzair, Blue Air, Brussels Airlines, Sky-Europe and Germanwings fly from many European cities to Bucharest, Budapest and Cluj Napoca. Fares can be as low as 01 Euro (taxes excluded), provided you book in advance. You will generally pay 100 and 150 Euro per person (return) if you book on time.

By train

Several daily international trains ply to Transylvania:

The Dacia Express connects Vienna with Bucharest. This goes via Budapest and passes the southern cities of Transylvania – Deva, Alba Iulia, Media?, Sighisoara and Brasov.

The Ister Express is a quicker night train that takes the same route as above. It links Budapest with Bucharest.

The Pannonia Express passes through Bratislava and Budapest while linking Prague with Bucharest. It also follows the routes of the above trains.

The Corona Express is another night train that links Budapest with Brasov. It passes through Cluj and eastern Transylvania.

The Ady Endre Express connects Budapest with Cluj. This train leaves Cluj early in the morning, reaches Budapest around 12:00 p.m. and returns to Cluj by evening.

The Maros/Mure? Express
 connects Budapest with Targu-Mure?.

Getting Around Transylvania

If you are pressed for time and wish to see the many tourist places scattered around Transylvania, driving might be the most suitable option for you. Public transport is also readily available, and could be a better alternative as it gives you a worry-free experience. As of now, there are no motorways in Transylvania.

By car

There are two-lane national roads, but the quality differs on each one. Comprehensive road maps are available at gas stations, train stations and newsstands. These maps will help you find your way whilst getting around Transylvania. You might have to ask for directions sometimes as secondary and tertiary roads are not marked clearly. The people are friendly and will be happy to guide you along your way.

By bus

Buses can also be used to get around Transylvania. They leave from the train stations in the main cities and halt at the important areas in the smaller ones.

Transportation Companies

Wizz Air
Wizz Air is a low cost flight company, that operates in Cluj Napoca, Bucharest and Timisoara.

Flight Company

Tarom is the Romanian state owned company. It unfolds flights all over the world.

Flight Company


Flight Company

CFR is a state owned train company and is the only train company functioning in Romania. For any travel, you can buy the tickets from the railway station pay-office, one hour before the train departure.

Train Company

Wens Tour

The rent-a-car service is available at any hour. When renting a car, one must present his/her identity card and the driving licence. The parking lot is made out of new, periodically verified cars.


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