Romania Tours and Activities

On an exciting tour in Romania you will see castles and towns that hark back to medieval times sitting cheek by jowl with cities striving to shake off the drabness of communism – a curious blend of old and new. The magnificent, unspoilt countryside offers diverse, exciting opportunities for adventure and relaxation and there is a lot to see and do. We currently offer Romania tours in and around:

Featured Tour & Activities

Panoramic City Tour

Duration: 4 hour(s)

From: EUR 60.00

This four-hour tour offers guests a chance to see the most important monuments of Bucharest, including the National Art Museum, National Theatre and Village Museum.

Visiting The Danube Delta

Duration: 6 day(s)

From: EUR 650.00

This six-day tour includes visits to the most spectacular areas of Romania, including the Danube Delta where visitors can see the amazing eco-life, including ospreys, swans and pelicans.

Short Panoramic City Tour

Duration: 2.5 hour(s)

From: EUR 50.00

This tour takes guests to some of the important places in Bucharest, including the Triumphal Arch and Cotroceni Palace.

Discover a Little Part of Romania

Duration: 7 day(s)

From: EUR 850.00

This seven-day tour includes visits to some important places in Romania and a chance to stay in traditional guesthouses.

Individual Shopping Program

Duration: 4 hour(s)From: EUR 65.00

Bucharest is quite a difficult city to navigate. This organized activity is great in that it takes guests to some of the best shops in Bucharest, followed by a delicious lunch.