Top 3 Things a Tourist Shouldn’t Do When Visiting Vienna

Vienna is a stunning European capital, which is imposing through its architecture, refined habits, customs, and the style of living. In order to maximize your Viennese experience, there are some customs you should steer clear of doing, as a foreign tourist. It’s best being informed, right?

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Now, when you reach the beautiful city, make sure you don’t do the following things:

  1. Don’t assume that everyone talks in English

Since Austria is a German-speaking country, you shouldn’t expect everyone to speak English, even though it’s an international language. It’s true that in the main tourist areas most staff members do speak English. Nonetheless, that isn’t the case in all places. For instances, there are shops and coffee places in which the staff members have limited English knowledge, which is why you should try to expand your German speaking skills (if any).

You should aim at trying to learn the basic words, such as bitte which means please, danke, which means thank you, Guten Tag – good day, and Auf Wiedersehen – goodbye. The Viennese will highly appreciate your efforts. Also, remember that, when entering a shop, particularly small ones, you are greeted, which requires you to respond as well, with the traditional Guten Tag, or Gruss Gott.


  1. Avoid ordering tap water

Even though Austria is blessed with the beautiful Alps, which means that the tap water is probably pure and safe to drink, ordering tap water at the restaurant is frowned upon. In fact, this practice is conveyed as being demeaning, showing that you’re a cheapskate. Hence, in this situation, it’s highly recommended to order still mineral water, aka mineralwasser ohne kohlensäure. Concurrently, some establishments have started to charge tap water.

  1. Don’t leave tips on the table

The greater majority of Viennese restaurants charge an extra 10 percent for the service staff. That’s why there’s often a lot of confusion regarding whether you should leave a tip in Vienna or not. Under no circumstances should you leave a tip on the table, like you would in the UK or the US. However, when you’re in an expensive restaurant, and the service has been truly outstanding, you should tip between five and ten percent, by handing the money directly to the server.

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