Shopping in Transylvania

Traditional handicrafts and locally made merchandise are what you must buy while shopping in Transylvania. Craft shops are found near popular tourist sites in most large cities. Travellers can also purchase handicrafts made by local artisans at gift shops outside most museums. Most large cities in Romania also have shopping malls.

Interesting keepsakes you might like to take back with you from Transylvania include embroidered clothing and linen (folk arts), painted or beaded eggs, carpets, pottery, woodcarvings and icons.

Our Transylvania Shopping Guide below will give you some hints on what to look out for whilst shopping in Transylvania. You are sure to enjoy the relaxed pace of Transylvania life and whilst shopping there will want to relax in one of the traditional Transylvania Restaurants located amongst the shopping streets. For more general information, take a look at our Romania Shopping Guide.

Transylvania Shopping Guide

Romanian lace, carved wood, ceramics and jewellery are exceptionally beautiful and make great gifts. Traditional Romanian costumes as well as exquisite woven rugs are also good mementos to buy. Well known museums that maintain links with local artists are good places to buy local folk art. Used books and antiques are also popular shopping choices. Religious art and iconography reproductions are also available here.

You will find a wide range of shops in Transylvania from tourist shops, to modern supermarkets, to small corner shops. You will find food markets and some street sellers can also be seen – the only places where you can bargain. Any product found in the US or Western Europe is available here as well, except for a few things, like ear plugs, for example. In some smaller stores, branded fake clothing is also on sale.

Shopping in Brasov

Brasov is a modern city and offers all the facilities needed for present day city life. It is renowned for its jewellery and traditional Transylvania handicrafts – the best to be found in all of Transylvania.

Other shopping centres include the Star City Centre, Eliana Mall, Sport Virus – the best mountain-gear shop outside Bucharest, and there are some fascinating antique and junk shops on strada Coresi. You can buy local artefacts like embroidered clothing, decorations, hand painted Easter eggs, pottery, carpets, carvings, dolls, masks, and other items from the stores on Str. Republicii.

Standard places to buy Romanian goods are the shops found in the Peasant Museum and the Village Museum. Most products are of good quality and inexpensive.

Transylvania Local Handicrafts

Romanian peasants do beautiful embroidery on cotton, wool and leather. Be sure to look out for blouses, skirts, glamorous coats, rugs, tablecloths and lacework. Glass or painted icons (new or old) are simply wonderful.

You could buy wood, glass or stone paintings, pottery, weaving and embroidery, stone or wood carvings, leather or sheepskin products, creatively processed metals – from iron and copper to silver and gold, bone or horn sculpturing, and creations from vegetable fibre.

Presents from Transylvania made from straw include marquetry, basketwork, tied figures, plaited hats, corn dollies, plates, objects created from wheat, oats, rye, barley and even rice haulm. You can also find information on how these objects are made and on the age old tradition of haulm spinning in Transylvania.

Shopping Places in Transylvania

Cosul Verde
Cosul Verde is the first shop in Cluj Napoca, that sells organic and fair-trade products. All their products are ecologically certified and come from small farms in Romania or from the fair trade network.

Str.Sextil Puscariu, nr. 3, Cluj Napoca


Central, as the name already says it, is the best known place for shopping in the center of Cluj. Here you can find a large range of products, starting from clothes, books, cosmetics, to glassware, elecronics, decoration products.

One important area in Central is the handicraft stand, where one can find only specific Romanian products: ceramics, folk costumes, musical instruments, paintings, different objects carved in wood, jewelries and many other objects, specific to all the Romanian areas.

Str. Regele Ferdinand, nr. 22 – 26, Cluj Napoca

Art Antik
Antiquities shop in the center of Sibiu where one can buy a variety of objects which belonged to Sibiu people. Most of the objects are reconditioned prior to sale.

Pta Huet, nr. 1, Sibiu

Cibin Market
Cibin Market is the largest fruit, vegetable and cheese market in Sibiu. In the market place one can find products coming from many small farmers around Sibiu. Most of the products here are organic and full of taste. People are friendly and if you manage to find a common language, the sellers will be more than happy to tell you about their crops, about their gardens and orchards and their little farms.

Str. Turnului, near Cibin Bridge

Republicii is the most famous street in Brasov. Here one can find the best shops in the city, from the most famous brands, to the little artisan shops where one can find the most beautiful souvenirs– Republicii street is the place to shop.

Str. Republicii, Brasov

Napolact is a local Romanian brand that produces and sells its own dairy products.

Piata Mihai Viteazul, nr.8, Cluj Napoca

Outdoor gear, trekking and sport house.

Str. Motilor, nr. 32, Cluj Napoca

Piata Mihai Viteazu
Daily food market. On Thursdays there is a craft market selling wood carvings and embroidery from the Apuseni Highlands and the Transylvanian Heath.

Piata Mihai Viteazu, Cluj Napoca

Friedrich Schiller Library
The library houses the tourist information center and sells maps and guides (including the authoritative Fabini series on Saxon churches), postcards, calendars and books on Transylvanian architecture and culture.

Piata Mare, nr. 7, Sibiu

Star is the department store in Brasov, which comprises of many fascinating antiques and junk shops.

Str. Balcescu, nr. 62, Brasov