Romania Weekly Fairs

If what you’re looking for is a glimpse of local traditions, don’t miss out on târg, bâlci or obor – the traditional weekly country fair, usually held on Sunday. Originally, these fairs were primarily for livestock trading among farmers. Today, the variety of goods has expanded to include fresh produce, clothes and even second-hand automobiles and tractors.

The atmosphere is filled with shoppers striking hard bargains, dance, music and fun rides. The aroma of “mititei”, the delicious Romanian mini sausages, and charcoal grilled steaks wafts out from fast food stalls.

Sometimes, fairs are organised to coincide with an important religious event, such as St. Mary’s Day in Oltenia. Such occasions attract thousands of residents from surrounding villages, making for a colourful and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

You can even get a taste of these fun-filled events at the Obor fair right in the capital, Bucharest. This is a permanent fair in the heart of the city that’s been going on uninterrupted for over three centuries!

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