Romania Local Handicrafts

Romania’s regional crafts include ceramics and pottery, wooden carvings and glass paintings.
If you’re looking to pick up specialised craftwork, the choice is wide – porcelain, ceramics, silverware, crystal, glassware, woodcarvings, metal craft and leather goods. Traditional rugs, woollens and silk garments are also worth picking up. The Artizanat showrooms are a good place to pick up quaint, charming mementoes and gifts like exquisite handmade lacework, embroidery and painted eggs.

While touring the countryside, look out for souvenirs carved from wood, pottery and wild boar skins (yes, you can legally export them). There are also plenty of gift shops in Romania that sell a range of handmade or factory-produced products, though you can’t be sure if everything is genuinely Romanian. Look out for embroidered blouses and home linen, wooden products for home use and décor and woollen clothes.

You don’t have to stick to the regular shops, though. While exiting the town of Cluj on the way to Oradea you’ll find local artisans selling authentic Romanian crafts along the road. Similarly, farmers in Izvorul Crisului, en route to Oradea, and virtually every other household have a variety of tempting stuff on display for tourists.

If you’re picking up hand-embroidered products, look for pretty blouses and typical Romanian costumes and skirts.

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