Romania health and insurance


A little forethought is the best way to remain healthy on an overseas trip. For any existing health problems, carry sufficient medication to see you through your entire trip. Taking spare contact lenses and an extra pair of glasses – your optical prescription could spare you several problems too. Carry your medication in original, properly labelled containers. If necessary, ask your doctor to issue a letter describing your condition and listing the medications required (with generic names). Such a letter is even more of a necessity if you need to carry needles and syringes.

Medical care may not always be easily available in far flung areas. Your embassy, consulate or five-star hotels are good sources of information about local doctors and clinics. Check with them about medical facilities in the smaller towns or countryside. Be wary of improperly sterilized equipment, which increases the risk of Hepatitis B and HIV transmission.

EU citizens carrying a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are covered for most medical aid. The EHIC is valid for three to five years; it does not offer cover for non-emergencies or repatriation in case of emergency. Visitors from other countries should enquire beforehand if any reciprocal arrangements exist between their country and Romania for free medical aid. You may also avail of health insurance that insures you for worst case scenarios like an accident that may need you to be flown home immediately.