Hunedoara Castle

The town of Hunedoara (German: Eisenmarkt, Hungarian: Vajdahunyad) lies in the western-central part of Romania, in the Transylvania region, near the Poiana Rusca Mountains. Hunedoara’s principal attraction is its medieval castle.

Built on the top of a 14th century stone fortress, the castle is the result of two construction stages during the time of John Hunyadi (the first half of the 15th century).

At that time the military building was transformed into a gothic residence that follows the most advanced models of military and civil contemporary architecture.

Matthias Corvinus (15th century) and Gábor Bethlen (17th century) added numerous renaissance elements. The final stage of construction was in the 18th century. The current aspect of the castle is due to the restoration works of the 19th and the 20th centuries.