Moldovita Monastery

The Moldovita Monastery is one of the oldest monastic buildings in the region. A fortified stone church was erected around 1410, the monastery was built in 1512 by Petru Raresh.

The characteristics of the monuments in the era of Stephen the Great were kept (vault, tomb room, recesses in the apses, elements of Gothic influence etc). The Princely House, a valuable building, erected in 1612. The enclosure wall, 6 meters high, and over one meter thick, still has fortified towers.

The inside painting keeps with the tradition. The “Crucifixion”, in the nave, is deemed the most valuable achievement on that theme in the Bukovina churches.

The outside painting dating from 1537 shows resemblances to the fresco of Humor with its complexity and richness. In the porch the “Last Judgment” can be seen. The southern façade, favoured and better preserved, has best kept the “Hymn to Our Lady”.

The monastery museum, arranged in the Princely House, among other religious items, keeps the armchair of Petru Raresh (from the 16th century), which is the most valuable work art of the genre in the whole Moldavia. The monastery was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993.