Humor Monastery

Humor monastery is located in the picturesque village Humor, six kilometers from the town Gura Humorului, in the Bukovina region, in the northeastern part of Romania.

The present church was built in 1530. The edifice was built on a clubs plan, without a tower above the nave.

The particular element is the open porch with arches, an innovation for that time, determined by local building tradition and external Renaissance influences.

A novelty is also the vault, located above the burying place, where valuables were kept in days of distress.

The defense tower was erected in 1641 by ruler Vasile Lupu. The outside painting in Humor bears a resemblance to the themes of Suchevitsa. Their frescoes are the oldest open-air frescoes in Bukovina.

The images of the ‘Mother of Lord with child’, the ‘Last Judgment’ are unique by their values in Romanian ancient paintings.

The ‘Hymn of the Holy Virgin’, made of 24 stanzas-scenes, occupies the greatest part of the painted surface. The monastery was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993.