Dragomirna Monastery

Dragomirna Monastery is situated in the northeastern part of Romania, in Bukovina region, in the proximity of Sucheava town. The church in Dragomirna was erected in 1602. With its 42 meters on vertical and only 9,6 meters width, the church is the highest in Moldavia Region, and extremely narrow, that gives an uncommon elegance.

The plan of the building, a prolonged rectangle, had provided a sole polygonal apse to the west, the Gothic windows raise the gaze to the tower, adorned with geometrical and plant motifs.

The enclosure a quadrilateral with walls 15 meters high, corner square towers, fortifications, a tower-belfry with a passageway entrance, a chapel, and powerful buttresses was built after 1627. The monastery museum displays well preserved manuscripts of the Calligrapher school that founded the metropolitan bishop Anastasie Crimca; and can be found different religious items from the 16th – 17th centuries.