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Food and cuisine in Romania

Restaurants in most towns generally offer only local cuisine – this is not really a matter of concern since it closely resembles West European food. Bucharest, the capital, has a variety of international cuisines – Mediterranean, French and Chinese. You’ll also find the familiar, international fast-food chains here.

Romania national specialities

Romania is famous for its delicious, hearty soups. Meatball soup (ciorba de perisoare) and a vegetable soup with the option of added meat (ciorba taraneasca) are very popular. There’s also tocanita, a filling meat stew flavoured with onion and spices and ghiveci, cooked with over twenty vegetables. You could also try sarmale, a Romanian speciality of sauerkraut rolls, filled with minced meats and rice and seasoned with spices. Tuica, or plum brandy, is usually served with appetizers.

Restaurants in Romania

Romanian cuisine is an intriguing combination of the familiar and the new – a mix of flavours from Austria and France, with a little bit of the Orient thrown in. The influence of several cultures through history is apparent – Greek, Roman and Saxon from the west, Turkish from the east and the neighbouring Slavic countries.

Street food in Romania

If you’re in the mood to snack, Romania serves up a host of street food options. There are covrigi or warm pretzels, lango?i, a sweet or savoury pancake, gogo?i (doughnut coated with powdered sugar) and spicy, sausage-shaped meat patties called mici.

Romania health and insurance


A little forethought is the best way to remain healthy on an overseas trip. For any existing health problems, carry sufficient medication to see you through your entire trip. Taking spare contact lenses and an extra pair of glasses – your optical prescription could spare you several problems too. Carry your medication in original, properly labelled containers.

Romania Geography

Romania’s location and geography give it a natural advantage as a great travel destination. Centred at the crossroads of eastern and western Europe, Romania has three important geographical features – the Carpathian range, the Danube and the Black Sea.