Myrtle Beach resorts

Island Vista Resort Myrtle Beach

Anywhere in Myrtle Beach from 21st avenue north on the boulevard all the way to 15th avenue south is going to put you within a mile of the boardwalk.

If you stay closer to 21st avenue north, then you’re also really close to Broadway At the Beach. Staying closer north is also going to put you closer to all the dinner theaters that are really cool for the kids like the Pirates Voyage and such.

When it comes to other good options for Myrtle Beach resorts, consider the placement of your resort choice according to attractions that are kid’s favorites.

Sea Mist Resort is also a great family resort, which is right next door to Coral Reef Resort. They are a resort that has been around for quite some time and caters to kids with all types of events during the summer each day for the kids to enjoy as well a nice water park.

No matter which of the Myrtle Beach family resorts you would like to choose, you are definitely going to have a great time on the Grand Strand.

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