Holiday guide to Macedonia, Greece

Macedonia is proud of being Greek and is virtually untouched by the influx of tourists. Yet it is beautiful as is all of Greece. From the capital of Thessaloniki one can view the hills of Albania. In Western Macedonia beaches are often just a few strips of sand and nightlife is very limited yet it is here that you an become immersed in local culture of the real Greece.

I loved it for when I travel I spend a few days on the beaches and the tourist towns then I venture inland or along the coast to small villages which seem as if forgotten by the modern day.

Pella was where Alexander the Great was born and just beyond Pella is the small town of Edessa high up in hills with lovely gushing waterfalls, this place is well liked by the Greek people and many come on vacation from the city.
Travel west out of the town and by lake Vegoriti towards the tiny town of Florina which is on the top of the map right in the left hand you will find two lakes one big and one small both set at the foot of stunning mountains, here is ubspoilt and you can boat,fish swim ,or walk.
So on your next vacation to Greece do something different go to Macedonia, you will be pleasantly surprised.