Getting to Romania

In the recent past, with the fading of the Communist era, immigration rules have eased up considerably. Residents of the USA, European Union, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand require no visa for a 90-day stay. Turkish citizens are allowed stay up to a maximum of 60 days. Visitors from neighbouring former Communist countries are allowed up to 30 days.

By Land

If you are entering Romania by road, you’ll have to prepare for long waits at checkpoints, especially on weekends and public holidays. Keep food and water handy. It’s unwise to attempt bribing Romanian officials. Watch out for unauthorised persons who may accost you and insist on charging fake taxes. If you are not confident about someone’s authenticity, ask for a receipt. Ideally, you should cross the border at major checkpoints since the staff at smaller border crossings may be unaware of the formalities of processing documents for international visitors.

By Boat

You can cross over by ferry from Vidin, Bulgaria, into Calafat. The older crossing between Ruse, Bulgaria and Giurgiu is no longer operational.

By Air

Currently, Romania is served by 17 domestic airports. Of these, ten airports are used by international airlines.