Getting around Romania

By Road

Overseas driving licenses are accepted in Romania. Vehicle insurance is also required. If you haven’t purchased this in advance, you can get it at most border crossings. Romania follows right-hand driving, with overtaking on the left.

Watch out for horse-drawn carts and cattle while driving through rural areas! If you’re driving through the mountains, keep an eye on the gas and fill up whenever there’s an opportunity, as the distance between gas stations in these areas can be very long. Avoid driving at night, as road lighting can be poor or non-existent. Drinking and driving is a no-no; Romania has a zero tolerance policy as far as this offence is concerned. If you are driving, don’t drink at all.

In built-up areas, there’s a speed limit of 30 kph (19 mph). Within city limits, you can do up to 50 kph (31 mph) and on main roads, 80 kph (50 mph). On multilane highways, the limit is 100 kph (60 mph).

Ideally, get yourself an experienced driver-cum-guide to sit back and enjoy this beautiful land.

By Waterways

In the Danube Delta region of eastern Romania, the best way to move around is by boat. The rides are enjoyable and distances quite short.

By Rail

Romania has an excellent network of intercity trains, highly popular thanks to their reliability, speed and comfort. The A1 category of trains is the most expensive, which means they’re also the least crowded. Next come the Rapid and Express trains, not as comfortable (except first class) but satisfactory with regard to speed. The Accelerat and Personal trains are much slower and more crowded, with the second category scoring even lower on these parameters. Romanian Railways (CFR) also has an extensive intercity network, though it fails to impress in terms of comfort and punctuality.

By Air

Romania’s domestic airline is Tarom. There are regular flights between Bucharest, the capital and important cities. Constanta Arad, Sibiu, Satu Mare and Timisoara are other cities connected by air to Bucharest. All of them provide shuttle bus services and taxis between the terminal and city centre.