The largest and the oldest fortified church in Romania, giving rise to the church’s “caste” moniker, was raised at Medias in the 15th century.

The Saint Margareta church was built between 1438 and 1488 on the location where, in the 13th and the 14th centuries, small churches had been built. The north lateral romantic nave of the second church was integrated into the present gothic church, which has three lopsided naves.

In the second half of the 15th century the church was strengthened with five defensive towers, a moat and two rows of walls. All of these elements remain in good shape to this day, and together with the parish house from the 15th century, the preacher’s house, the old Town Hall, the jail, the Stephen.

Ludwig Roth’ birth house, and the old German school from the beginning of the 18th century, comprise the castle complex. Between 1490 and 1534 the entire old town was strengthened with the addition of a defensive wall incorporating both towers and bastions.

After Medias became a town in 1550, its inhabitants raised the Trumpeter’s Tower, which remains to the present and reaches a height of 68,5 meters. The Trumpeter’s Tower has become the town’s symbol. Between 1927 and 1930 the tower was reinforced to counter its increasing lean. The tower currently has an inclination of 2,2 meters.

During major restorations, over 100 square meters of 16th century mural paintings were rediscovered. The complex ensemble of the castle and the interior part of the church invite visitors to discover the four altars dating from 1480 to 1522, the magnificent baroque organ dated 1755, the second largest Anatolian (Turkish) carpet collection in Romania, and a small museum of Saxon history.