Axente Sever

This small fortified church is situated in the center of Axente Sever village at a crossroad of the main street. The central element of the monument is a tower situated between the little nave of the church and its polygonal choir.

The tower has a small chapel with an east-oriented apse on its southern part. The church was mentioned for the first time in 1322.The tower wall is 1,6 meters thick at its base; the ground floor has two cross-arch openings toward east and west.

The nave and the tower have cross-ribbed vaults. The ribs in the nave are of massive brick with a rectangular section. In the choir, the brick ribs meet at the height of the vault in a keystone decorated with natural motifs. Gothic details are preserved in the windows, brackets, and bosses. Access to the upper levels of the tower is from inside the thick walls.

The church is surrounded by a polygonal wall with a gate tower in the eastern section. There is also a gate in the southern part. Within the protective walls, peasants built storage chambers designed to preserve the supplies and goods of the villagers. The folding triptych altar dates from 1777.On the pulpit’s handrail are paintings representing the saints. The organ is also from 1777. The church was renovated in 1926.