Romania Destination Guide

Tradition and modernity co-exist gracefully in Romania. Fairy-tale castles and cobblestoned villages steeped in antiquity are a graceful presence beside spiffy new eateries and busy metropolises. Walking through the hustle and bustle of these cities, it’s hard to imagine that Romania was once predominantly associated with the vampire legend of Count Dracula. But then, that’s what makes Romania a fascinating travel destination – its metamorphosis into a modern nation without erasing its rich, cultural history.

Romania is a nation in transition, a destination that holds hidden treasures for the unsuspecting traveller.

Our Romania Destination Guide below, together with our suggested Romania tours, will tell you all you need to know about the best places to visit on your Romania holiday. Our Bucharest Destination Guide will tell you all about local things to see and do there, whilst our Romania Country Guide has some helpful information to ensure you have all the hints and tips you need for your travels.

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