Bran castle

Carpathians – a mountain arc, which nature has gifted to Romania, apparently for good luck. And nothing has changed– Bran Castle appears exactly as described in Bram Stocker ‘s novel more than 100 years ago.

Bran Castle was built in 1382 by the inhabitants of Brasov as an important strategic point. From its battlements it was possible to control the trade routes. At that time it was a border area between Wallachia and Transylvania. There is no evidence that Vlad Tepes, aka Count Dracula lived in this castle, or ever visited it. But in a fairy tale about it, even the most terrible one people still believe.

 It’s a majestic structure made of huge stones and boulders which is called “Castle Dracula”. Indeed, the most fastidious vampire could hardly choose a more suitable housing. Serpentine stairs, the suite of rooms and corridors, are woven into a puzzling maze, underground tunnels leading to the fountain in the courtyard of the batter. The castle belonged alternately to brashovts, the Austrians, and the Wallachian prince. Since 1918 it belongs to Romania. Now it’s a museum with a rich collection of furniture, weapons and hunting trophies. By the way, the person who restored this last vestige of the world of vampirism  was none other than the famous American director Francis Ford Coppola who wanted to shoot his famous film in this castle.

 According to experts, vampirism and eroticism are closely related things. And people say that at night  they can hear satanic laugh and heart-rending cries which come from the Castle. Supposedly at night at the call of the host, the Count Dracula, the creatures of night fly to the castle from all corners of the earth and arrange wild orgies. The locals are not afraid of a dangerous neighbor. They believe that the old Dracula – is kind and easygoing, and that drinks the blood of the passers-by at night – so all have their own quirks. Night pedestrians do not take offense, and even wash their necks before they go for a walk on the road to the castle, so that the Count, God forbid, should not fall ill if he decides to drink their blood. Everyone knows that Dracula is very fond of late-night guests, though no one saw anyone from the Bran Castle to return. They say a visit to Dracula’s so good that you do not want to come back. Sometimes, especially at dusk, the wind brings eerie shrieks and laughter, flying out from under the arches of the castle.