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Myrtle Beach resorts

Island Vista Resort Myrtle Beach

Anywhere in Myrtle Beach from 21st avenue north on the boulevard all the way to 15th avenue south is going to put you within a mile of the boardwalk.

If you stay closer to 21st avenue north, then you’re also really close to Broadway At the Beach. Staying closer north is also going to put you closer to all the dinner theaters that are really cool for the kids like the Pirates Voyage and such.

Top Resorts In US Virgin Islands

Best Western Emerald Beach Resort USVINeed a get away close to the States? Look no more, the US Virgin Islands all inclusive vacation is for you. The weather is perfect all year round. The beaches are beautiful white sand. The water is a perfect temperature to swim in. So grab your swim suit and come to the US Virgin Island for a relaxing vacation. Visit for more information. One that will be in your memory for years to come.

The Palms at Pelican Cove:

Pelican Cove is a beautiful resort situated on the beach. Here you have spectacular views of the turquoise ocean from your rooms.

Things to see and do in Transylvania

Transylvania Destination Guide

Transylvania is a relatively new option for holiday travel among tourists. This is surprising since you can find a wide range of fascinating wildlife, folklore and landscapes in the region. Transylvania is ideal for the tourist looking for a getaway from the usual overcrowded beach or resort. The country has not changed much in the last 50 years and tradition, folklore and culture are still an integral part of the daily life in many Transylvanian villages.

Romania Weekly Fairs

If what you’re looking for is a glimpse of local traditions, don’t miss out on târg, bâlci or obor – the traditional weekly country fair, usually held on Sunday. Originally, these fairs were primarily for livestock trading among farmers. Today, the variety of goods has expanded to include fresh produce, clothes and even second-hand automobiles and tractors.

Shopping in Romania

Food and transport in Romania are relatively cheap and shopping in traditional markets is even less expensive. Buying things outside Bucharest, the capital, is also more economical. As in many other capital cities, prices in Bucharest are slightly higher, particularly in the city centre. You can buy some pretty lace, thread work like macramé tablecloths and doilies, point lace and embroidered tablecloths.

Romania Local Handicrafts

Romania’s regional crafts include ceramics and pottery, wooden carvings and glass paintings.
If you’re looking to pick up specialised craftwork, the choice is wide – porcelain, ceramics, silverware, crystal, glassware, woodcarvings, metal craft and leather goods. Traditional rugs, woollens and silk garments are also worth picking up. The Artizanat showrooms are a good place to pick up quaint, charming mementoes and gifts like exquisite handmade lacework, embroidery and painted eggs.