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Welcome to Romania Travel Guide

Welcome to Romania Travel Guide
– Your travel guide to Romania-

This site offers travel information about Romania; discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of Romania. This guide provides useful source for you to identify the most interesting natural, historical and cultural sites in Romania. Explore the most beautiful locations, historic cities, world heritage sites, national parks, seaside resorts, churches, castles, palaces and the hidden treasures of Romania.
Discover the diversity of Romania, and much, much more.

Romania Travel – Your travel guide to Romania.


Situated on the Târnava Mare River, in the eastern half of Transylvania in Romania, the formerly Saxon city of Sighisoara (German: Schäßburg; Hungarian: Segesvár) is one of the region’s most beautiful cities.

Consisting of an upper- and a lower-city, the upper-city is actually a castle, sitting on a 72m high peak, surrounded by a protective wall with 14 towers; during the Middle Ages the castle was impregnable.


Located the central part of Romania, in the Transylvania region, in the foreground of the South-Carpathian Mountains, Sibiu (German: Hermannstadt; Hungarian: Nagyszeben) was considered to be the capital of the Saxons of Romania.

Developing as the region’s educational and cultural centre, the city once again achieved international recognition when it became “Europe’s Cultural Capital’ in 2007.


Located in the central part of Romania, in the Transylvania region, Brasov (German: Kronstadt; Hungarian: Brassó) is one of Transylvania’s most picturesquely situated cities, at the junction of the South- and East-Carpathian Ranges.

Romania’s second largest city after Bucharest, it is traditionally the region’s cultural and commercial centre, with an ever increasing tourist trade in recent times.


Located in the south of the country, on the Romanian-Plain, Bucharest is Romania’s capital, as well as its economic and cultural centre.

The inner-city today is a mixture of buildings, reflecting the Secessionist, Communist and Modern architectural forms – its appearance and architecture reflecting two historic periods.

Bran Castle

Bran Castle (German: Törzburg; Hungarian: Törcsvár) is located in the central part of Romania, on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia regions, about 30 km south from the city of Brasov, in the village of Bran. The medieval castle of Bran is one of the most popular castles not only in Romania but also in the Eastern European region.

Romania tourism

There’s an indefinable something about Romania that enchants visitors. Despite the breathless pace of modernisation, the essence of Romania still lies in the old-world ethos of its countryside – unspoilt and thoroughly laid back. Stay in one of the traditional countryside Romania hotels or drive out of the city bustle and it feels like you’ve stepped back into another century, where horse-drawn carts lumber along decrepit rural roads. Green carpeted mountains, flocks of sheep and conical haystacks seem to materialise from the storybooks of your childhood.

Things to see and do in Transylvania

Transylvania Destination Guide

Transylvania is a relatively new option for holiday travel among tourists. This is surprising since you can find a wide range of fascinating wildlife, folklore and landscapes in the region. Transylvania is ideal for the tourist looking for a getaway from the usual overcrowded beach or resort. The country has not changed much in the last 50 years and tradition, folklore and culture are still an integral part of the daily life in many Transylvanian villages.

Things to see and do in Romania

Think Romania and in all probability dreary, mental images arise of a typical, communist nation – grey, grim and, quite simply, boring. But communism’s rigid control over Romania’s political, academic and cultural life is now a thing of the past. In the last decade, the country’s rich, ethnic culture has revived and flowered in the new spirit of freedom.
Great places to visit and things to see and do in Romania include:

Bran castle

Carpathians – a mountain arc, which nature has gifted to Romania, apparently for good luck. And nothing has changed– Bran Castle appears exactly as described in Bram Stocker ‘s novel more than 100 years ago.

Things to do in Bucharest

The city of joy, “the littleParis”, the city-dump – it’s all about Bucharest. And it’s all true. The beauty of it is that Bucharest does not disappoint. The Eiffel Tower may not seem like such a majestic Colosseum – just ordinary rubble, but  Bucharest- is, as expected, gray, empty, naked and rather gloomy town. And in this way it’s attractive, and when you’re there, don’t forget to do the following TEN things:

Timeshare Vacation Packages – The Best Alternative!

During the last several years, India has attained the international recognition being a well-known South Asian holiday spot. The major drivers of tourism on this nation are religion, culture, heritage and history. But India is fast drawing interest of the international vacationers being a favored destination for luxury holidays. The fruitful effects of liberalization are apparent inside the growth of holiday destinations and opening of top class hotels & resorts. Luxury vacations in India give a smooth blend of state from the art infrastructure and conventional Indian hospitality. In this article, I have listed top five top reasons to pick luxury holidays in India.

On a Tenerife holiday, anticipate to be charmed by beaches, volcanoes plus some enticing natural scenes. This is an excellent place for the romantic getaway or for any fun-filled holiday with family. Cheap Tenerife holidays are a good bet if you are planning your holiday well. You may get rooms at good rates, find all-inclusive Tenerife holidays that cut down on your budget or see as relevant offers on flight tickets For online marketing solutions for hotels see Ad4travel. What happens is that whenever not enough people book regularly priced tickets, the airlines, cruise lines and hotels make handles online companies to get the tickets for way less than. That is why maybe you have found out that you can get excellent last second travel deals sometimes. Usually, the better the date of travel you happen to be booking your vacation, the larger the cost is. If you know which internet sites have these agreements while using companies, you will find the prices to be very affordable away cruises, travel packages, low airfare, and cheap hotels in the event you book it immediately. One day can make a difference!

The overall look and atmosphere may be associated with West Indian. However, colonial past is additionally kept protected, especially with the traditional old houses. This heritage is dated to Nelsons era. Another pull is the network of underwater caves. Antigua is rich in culture and history, and many Caribbean charm could be observed here. For experiencing all this, you should visit this place.

No matter what form of accommodation you are looking for, you know to locate something suitable for both you and your wallet. Whether you are travelling by coach, flight, train as well as ferry, deals can be obtained. You may even tend to book a package holiday to Blackpool. There are some great coach holidays available that depart from all of regions and they’re going to take care of your vacation, all-inclusive or half board hotels and excursions.

RANTHAMBORE NATIONAL PARK, SARISKA NATIONAL PARK and BHARATPUR BIRD SANCTUARY are World famous wildlife habitats inside the northern section of India. These wildlife centres are scattered in various districts of Rajasthan. Protected destinations are perfect thrilling regions to enjoy wildlife-adventure tour with the visitors. Wild species are playing freely in these conserved areas. Explore and find out the incomparable top features of the dense vegetations and mark time as unforgettable portion of your health. Ranthambore National Park and Sariska National Park are two Tiger Reserves developed number of years time for protect and conserve Tiger Species from extinction. Enjoy Jeep Safari of these national habitats to observe the wildness activities of varied species. And, the most interesting means you are going to enjoy is bird watching at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary which can be where you can migratory bird species.

Rhodes Holidays – Enjoying a Visit to the Castles of Rhodes

The Dodecanese place their name from the Greeks words for “twelve” and “islands,” because they’re a small grouping of twelve major islands situated between Crete along with the Cyclades. But to become completely accurate, approximately the Dodecanese you can find hundreds more minor islands, some like Kinaros, as tiny as four square metres!

There are many great vacation resorts in Rhodes which are suited to all the family. One of these places is Haraki which is also generally known as Charaki. It is a peaceful resort which is not very crowded. The place isn’t just visited by tourists that can come for Rhodes Holidays but also the local Greeks residing in Rhodes.

Although, the village is an on the list of largest villages of whole Rhodes Island, yet its inhabitants are astonishingly low as 6000 people. The people with this village are quite faithful when it comes to the local customs and traditions. Therefore, you will enjoy your Rhodes Holidays 2010 to the maximum extent you’ll be able to, because this village is full of many different wonders that are yet to be explored.

The island of Rhodes basically it’s very famous to many people tourists in the world that likes to try many activities Rhode Island can give. Basically the town of the area is very rich with a lot of activities and won’t remain behind with regards to amenities which can be based in the mainland Greece. It is a fact this tropical isle is rich with a lot of architectural building that reflects the and culture of the area. It is a fact that Rhodes is one from the most developed the other with the rich cities inside the Greece. Visit LindiaThalassa.

The village of Lachania is claimed to be one of the most beautiful villages in Rhodes. The beauty of the village and its tranquillity and remoteness provide an original enchanting atmosphere. In the village you’ll find small well-conserved houses exhibiting traditional architecture of Rhodes. Most of the houses here are actually bought by tourists and visitors mostly Germans.

East Coast of Rhodes: Tourist Destination for Rhodes Holidays

First January holds special importance in the lives of individuals of Rhodes. Not only because it’s beginning of New Year (Protohronia) but in addition because it’s celebrated as the day of St. Basil. All over Greece and particularly in Rhodes, people continue awaiting this very day all year round. This is a special occasion for kids and so they loose time waiting for it enthusiastically so they really get a chance to get gifts from St. Basil. Like every other place, Rhodes Island features its own cultures and traditions. The people of Rhodes celebrate New Year in their own special way. Surf to The palace beautifully combines modern architecture while using ancient one. It is 80 meters high, massive, rectangle-shaped building, having 80-halls plus a vast yard. It offers an impressive museum building which has two floors, having an internal courtyard. All of its sides are lined with doorways. Walking with the vast courtyard offers its own charm of Rhodes holidays.

One of the most well-liked beaches in Greece, the Elli beach of Rhodes Town gives a great spot for photography. The colourful umbrellas, towering hotels, sun beds, the Aquarium as well as the casinos in the shadows give a great subject for photography. The photographs are utilized as being a theme for many trendy postcards.

Ixia bay beach offers many options on the traveller. Because of the vast area the beach covers you do have a fully organized area with sun loungers, umbrellas and cheerful beach bars for coffees, drinks and lightweight snacks, but in addition places for you to lie on your towel and relish the sun along with the sea’s calmness in your way.

Ptolemaic Egypt formed an alliance with Rhodes. Since then they took control over most of the eastern Mediterranean trade. Antigonus I Monophthalmus, just about the most important generals of Alexander was upset with the progress of Rhodes and it is alliance. So in 305BC, his son Demetrius who was simply also a general invaded Rhodes with a huge army of 40,000 men though the city was well defended.

Santorini Grece holidays options

Santorini is situated in Greece and it’s really considered one of genuine miracles of the planet. Its main elegance could be the waterscape and also garden in the isle. Additionally it is well-known due to the most breathtaking sunsets, natural splendor plus your rental-car for research. You may lease a car right from Santorini Rental car firm at an budget-friendly price to discover churches, towns, shorelines, destinations, wineries, undermine houses, etc. It is the best correct treatment for check out all the renowned locationsin Santorini.

Visiting Santorini you’ve got lots to find out; watching the view in the caldera, you can see cliffs gazing with the blue sea as well as the sky hugging the gorgeous landscape harmonically. As for Santorin’s attractions, Santorini can be an attraction on it’s own and provides great opportunities for all those kinds of holidays. The extreme great thing about the Island is seen as an the volcanic activity that plays a part in many activities in Santorini.

The firm that you just pick should have a variety of options associated with forms of autos. If one makes an online booking using the Santorini rental-car you may get grant for the costs that happen to be set for one holiday. A lot of people favor this method because it is quick and easy may be accomplished a lot sooner. Payment can be done both during booking or it is possible whenever you visit acquire the vehicle. Therefore the rules are versatile just for the benefit of the visitors since they may well not encounter any issue. The fee may differ with regards to distance and also the form of car that you hire. If it is a deluxe auto next the prices will certainly be high.

Various kinds of discounts and will be offering may also be there every once in awhile. There are family offers by which if round trip tickets are bought one and a half months ahead of the date of departure, good amount of discounts are offered. In the air seat and deck offer, almost 20% about the fare can be saved if round trip tickets are booked for the journey. Youths below the age of two-and-a-half decades will also be qualified to receive discounts. Senior citizens over the age of 65 are entitled to 10% discounts in ferry ticket fares. Such discounts change from year to year and also vary depending around the route.

Many movies have featured the area of Santorini such as the Sisterhood from the Traveling Pants, and Mamma Mia. Its peak tourism season is May through October, however visiting in the off season is much better as prices go down and the region is extremely quiet. Santorini, officially known as Thira, is definitely an island within the Aegean Sea from the coast of Greece. It is part from the circular archipelago which is probably the most southern in the Cyclades islands. It is surely an island recognized for its sunsets, and picturesque scenes for example white buildings with blue domes.

Stroll the Sandy Beach of Playa Del Ingles

The Canary Islands are among the most favored destinations for both foreigners and also the local Spanish people with regards to vacations. They are identified as several islands which might be under the Spanish government but nevertheless maintain autonomy as well. A visit to the Canary Islands is definitely an chance to feel the natural splendor the islands offer too as create a method that you can feel the culture at the same time.

The Canary Islands have special tax status inside the borders of Spain. There is no VAT or tax on cigarettes, electronics, and alcohol, this means we will pay 17,5% less than in mainland Spain. When it comes to apartment or home rentals the typical price inside the Canaries is equivalent to in the smaller towns of mainland Spain, that is from A500 upwards to get a 1 or 2 bedroom apartments.

Tenerife is the most popular holiday destination for those on Canaries holidays. Here Mount Teide dominates the landscape. There are vineyards here, golden beaches and lush vegetation. It’s also a major terminus for those sea-borne traffic, allowing entry to every island within the archipelago, either directly or with just one change. The boasts operating during these waters are large modern ferries which set sail from Los Cristianos or Santa Cruz. Ferries are simply section of the sea traffic in and out of Las Palmas port in Gran Canaria. Over a million tourists per year on Gran Canaria holidays are brought throughout a flotilla of ferries. Cargo ships really are a familiar site too, sailing from the islands making use of their cargos of Canary Island bananas and tomatoes. It is also possible to rent luxury yachts here, either using a crew in order to sail yourself. One of the most popular excursions is always to Fuerteventura, that can just below 3 hours by yacht. On the way, you will observe greater than 150 tropical beaches with pure pristine as well as a transparent sea. Morro Jable is the Canaries’s most southernmost port and here you can sail to the Jandia Peninsula with its wild tracts of beaches and unspoilt landscape.

Besides the sea, botanical varieties of plant are abounding about this beautiful island and yes it claims over 100 indigenous species unique simply to Gran Canaria itself. A visit to the Botanical Gardens in Las Palmas will assist you to identify and see these by yourself. There are many techniques for getting around Gran Canaria, you can walk, cycle, hike or it is possible to mount a horse or a camel can be arranged one of their safaris. Take to the heights with climbing or survey the spot which has a round of golf at one of their courses. There are also carnivals for youngsters, great shopping opportunities and nightlife to relish until the next dawn arrival. Stop by Eden Apartments for bargain Puerto Rico family trips. Gran Canaria and Tenerife would be the most popular islands with tourists and offer a good amount of entertainment and events along with a vibrant nightlife in the accumulated regions of this tropical isle. Even here though, it’s possible to get the beauty that this islands are famed for and plenty of peace and quiet. Not far on vacation, Tenerife’s reserve is found; Mount Teide, the enormous volcano ranks # 3 in the stakes for tallest volcano inside world.

Discover the Beauty Of Altea

The best thing about Benidorm is perhaps the throughout every season sunny and delightful climate. The sun likes to smile here throughout the year and that’s among the truly amazing reasons that make Benidorm an enjoyable spot for weekend. Benidorm, operating out of Spain close to the warm waters from the beautiful Mediterranean Sea has beautiful golden sand beaches which can be enough to increase the thrill. Benidorm has probably the best beach culture ever. The beautiful Spanish music, the lovely corner cafes serving some in the best wine and breads and gorgeous looking crowd. It is not unusual to determine most local passer-by to smile at you or say a hello, people allow me to share so comfortable of their skin and incredibly warm and friendly by nature. So get able to glance at the sun in your face as well as the sand on the toes. In all, your Benidorm Weekend has all of the elements for any refreshing weekend. Verify Buena Vista Apartments for budget Benidorm resorts.

A Benidorm weekend need not be planned with any special strategy. You may land up here if you wish as the hotels rooms allow me to share always available. However, to get accommodation in the best of resorts, you need to book ahead of time. Benidorm flights can be which is available from any part of Europe. There are various nightclubs which organize different events and the smartest thing could be the free cabaret organized almost through the entire city.

There is no specific time when it’s possible to possibly go to the city, as it welcomes you all year round to its many hotels, which are available always. Night- our life is very special in Benidorm with free cabarets which might be being organized within the various nightclubs all over the town/city. Hence, you can possibly try a Benidorm weekend night out with friends and take part in the vibrant life when darkness falls.

However if oahu is the true aesthetic masterpiece of the Alicante province you are searching for Denia happens when to visit. Around 100 km north of Alicante city, Denia is undoubtedly one of the most attractive places to take pleasure from your holiday. Providing connects to Ibiza and Majorca, Denia is bustling the numerous tourists. From the historical 12th century castle, which provides an amazing view throughout the sea, on the city’s famous bakeries and sweet shops, this Spanish city is one area the province is certainly needs to be happy with.

There are several magnificent hotel constructs like Gran Hotel Bali that was opened in 2002 and has a four star rating at 186m tall it had the title in the tallest skyscraper in Spain for 5yrs prior to the CTBA towers opened in Madrid. Even without the title it is an extraordinary building.

Getting the Best Out of Cheap Holidays in Mediterranean

The differences between Orient and Occident are particularly noticeable in Turkey, which lies directly on the border between Europe and Asia this contrast is what makes the region so charming. Even though Turkey has had something of a tourist boom since the beginning in the 80s, prices have remained moderate, and the spot remains to be noted for its hospitable inhabitants. Gourmets will savour Turkish food, and this can be reported to be the top in the eastern Mediterranean.

Orlando Disney Globe Parks

The increase in the of basic commodities is directly affecting everyone. Because of this, a lot of people try finding possible means in order to save money or, at the very least, reserve some funds for that rainy days; online shoppers would seek out internet vendors or sites that offer some coupon codes or avail on some special offers just to cut off their expenses. Almost everything costs higher and expensive today that a good plan to have a vacation might be compromised. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean to not invest in a vacation at all. The fact is that despite this price increase, a lot of people still invest in an a vacation in take the quality time using their families, friends and spouse and children and free themselves from regular workloads, worries, pressures and problems; everyone deserves a quality break.

Here is a brief help guide to a number of the changes you could get in the Orlando area this coming year. Cypress Gardens Adventure Park underwent significant renovations and today includes a new water park at the same time a special exhibition highlighting a brief history in the gardens and adventure park. The animal and ride areas of the park are actually closed however, you can get more info about it attraction by calling them.

The second question that you will be planning to want answered is the place where much are these adventures as well as attractions likely to cost me. If you are like many individuals the price tag on seeing an attraction whilst in Orlando is unquestionably going to be a limiting factor because of the economy being thus far down. However, I am sure you will nevertheless be capable of enjoy yourself while you’re on holiday regardless of what your financial budget is. SeaWorld Orlando offers should be possible only at MustVacations. Everyday people also appear listed here to check out and know regarding the tradition and delicacies.

One of the biggest attractions with the centre is parasailing. This is the merely the only parasailing facility in Central Florida and it is location will provide you with a bird’s eye view in the Walt Disney World Resort along with the all Orlando. Imagine being lifted on the parasail a couple of hundred feet high being a tow boat speeds with the water below

Then explore Future World to play interactive games and catch a glimpse of the development of technology from your past for the present-and even projections of the future. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios you can aquire a firsthand take a look at what it is love to be over a Hollywood set. Stunt shows, backlot tours, behind-the-scenes tricks and tips, movie and TV memorabilia, and interactive studios all place you in the midst of Hollywood. And for those thinking about wildlife, you will discover a topic park for your. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to 1,700 animals, and you can even feed and pet some of them. This park features landscaped walking trails, safaris, rides and various wildlife expeditions.

Attractions in Manila Philippines

For those who are seeking complete serenity and do not like to be amidst the crowds, head to Manila in Philippines. All thanks to its distant location in the South China Sea. But, this is also the reason why many tourists overlook this great holiday destination. But, all your effort of traveling will be rewarded with alluring attractions in Manila Philippines. The archipelago of Philippines itself is surrounded by more than 7000 islands.

My first visit was Railay beach, then I explored manila – a town of great charm and tranquility. On this vast ocean of Pacific, you will really find yourself on the dreamland with cool and breezy atmosphere and alluring attractions. So, let’s take a tour of attractions in Manila Philippines.

Holiday guide to Macedonia, Greece

Macedonia is proud of being Greek and is virtually untouched by the influx of tourists. Yet it is beautiful as is all of Greece. From the capital of Thessaloniki one can view the hills of Albania. In Western Macedonia beaches are often just a few strips of sand and nightlife is very limited yet it is here that you an become immersed in local culture of the real Greece